Hair Luxious For Him
Get -60% off your first order!

✓ For healthier and stronger hair
✓ Nourishes the hair from the inside out
✓ Contains biotin, copper and zinc.


*Valid for your first delivery, then subscription with no binding period, with delivery every third month (£24.99/month) plus shipping £4.99.

Hair Luxious For Him is a vegan dietary supplement for healthier and stronger hair. It contains carefully selected nutrients and vitamins that nourish the hair from the inside out. Among these you will find selenium, zinc and various B vitamins - such as the hair vitamin itself, biotin.

✓ Nourishes hair from the inside
✓ Healthier and stronger hair
✓ Unique formula
✓ Recommended by Norway's leading hairdressers
✓ 9/10 people recommend Hair Luxious to friends

Statements from our customers

Noticed a big change in my hair and beard after only 2 months! Stronger and more shiny hair!


This is an absolutely amazing product; I love it and will never stop. I'm super satisfied!


A great product that has stopped my hair loss. My hair is fuller and healthier!


I really tried everything, but I haven't had my hair this long in four years. I will never stop using this!


An amazing product! Got my full hair back after bleaching damage!


I was recommended these by my hairdresser, and the hair that grows out is much healthier! I lose much less hair now than before!


Right now, you get -60% off your first order!

✓ Recommended by 9 out of 10 customers

✓ Contains i.a. biotin, zinc, selenium and B-vitamins

✓ Unique formula

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