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 ✓ Deep, long-lasting tan

✓ 3 mg beta-carotene

✓ 100 % vegan


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Betakaroten Gold Gummies is a tastier alternative to the original Betakaroten Gold – with mango and fresh citrus flavor! Betakaroten Gold is designed to give you a healthy and natural summer glow all year round. It contains vegan beta-carotene, along with essential vitamins that help build a deep and long-lasting tan. The human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A, which helps protecting your cells from damage. That means you are actually taking care of your skin while at the same time getting a golden tan.

This supplement also contains biotin, vitamin C, and copper, which contributes to normal skin pigmentation. 

✓ Deep and long-lasting tan

✓ Norway's bestseller

✓ Summer glow all year long

Statements from our customers

Got a way nicer tan that lasted longer! The colour appeared much faster than normal. Strongly recommend this! Worth the money!


You get tanned a lot faster.


I'm really happy with this product and recommend it to everyone whenever I get the opportunity!


I like Betakaroten Gold as it helps me maintain a nice tan.


Good product that keeps its promises. Beneficial to take these in winter, too! Makes you feel a bit fresher.


Before I started taking Betakaroten Gold, I had trouble getting a tan, but now I get tanned pretty quickly, and I can tell the difference after just a few hours in the sun.


I'm super satisfied with this product, I've tried lots of different ones, but this one is the best!


Very happy! I use this all year. Nice golden tan, and I tan quickly when I'm in the sun.


This product gives a nice, even tan! I use this product from spring to fall, it gives me a more even tan with no sun rash.


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✓ Deep and lasting tan
✓ Contains coconut oil

✓ 100 % vegan

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